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Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op

At Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op, our mission and our passion is providing healthy, delicious poultry to our community.  We grow all-natural, non-GMO, pastured chickens and turkeys on our two farms in Botetourt County, between Roanoke and Lexington, Virginia.  Thanks for taking time to read our information and learn more about our practices.  Please contact us with any questions.


      Warmly, Farmer Angie / Farmer Patricia


What is Pastured Poultry?

Pastured Poultry is poultry raised the way nature intended.  Chickens and turkeys spend the first weeks of life in a brooder where they are kept warm and fed all-natural grain and fresh greens from pasture.  Once they're old enough, the birds relocate into a moveable pen called a "chicken tractor" with no floor.  The pen is over pasture and is moved daily so the birds have constant access to green grass and insects.  The chickens and turkeys are supplemented with all-natural grain and fresh water.  Their pens protect them from bad weather and possible predators.


Why is Pastured Poultry better?

Chickens and turkeys grown naturally on grass are superior to conventionally raised birds in taste AND nutritional value.  Chickens and turkeys eat from pasture that is free from chemicals, doing what comes naturally: scratching for bugs and eating grass.  Their feed is free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and animal bi-products.  They live in the sunshine with the sounds of children nearby.  They are well-cared for and processed on the farm with thanks and reverence.  By purchasing pastured poultry from Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op you are ensuring that your family eats healthy, wholesome food while supporting local farmers.


How Do I Get Poultry from Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op?

Chickens:  Farm-fresh chickens will be available for order and pick-up several times a month throughout spring, summer and fall, (dates and times listed at right).  You may pre-order your chicken or pick-up on a first-come, first-served basis on processing days (listed at right).  We recommend pre-ordering to ensure you get your chickens on the date you want them.  Contact us to be added to our e-mail list at


Chickens are sold whole (discounted fee) or pre-cut into quarters (full price).  Livers, hearts and feet available for purchase upon request.  You pick up your chickens at the farm on the day they are processed.  We'll provide directions to the farm when you place an order.  We recommend bringing a large cooler with ice for transporting your chickens home. 


Turkeys:  We will raise pastured turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Call or e-mail to reserve a turkey for your Thanksgiving table.  Contact us EARLY, since turkeys usually sell out by August! 



Who Are Your Farmers?


When you order poultry from Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op, you're getting delicious, nutritious food AND you're supporting local farmers.  Our two small family farms are tucked up against the Blue Ridge Mountains in Botetourt County, Virginia.


Angie and Patricia have grown chicken for their own families for years.  Recognizing a need for this fine, handcrafted food in the Botetourt and Roanoke areas, they collaborated in 2007 and created Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op with the goal of providing friends and neighbors a healthy, delicious chicken from a trusted source.


Farmer Angie enjoys hanging laundry out to dry, listening to the Avett Brothers, milking her cows, gathering eggs and watching her boys eat good chicken.


Farmer Patricia enjoys cooking with friends, old kitchen sinks and feeding good chicken to her little boys.


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Member of the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers!  Supporter of the Botetourt Family Farms at the Botetourt Farmers Market at Ikenberry Orchards, U.S. 220 in Daleville.  Supporter of Roanoke's Grandin Village Community Market.

Got [FRESH] Milk, Eggs / Greens?  Herd-shares, pastured eggs / fresh salad greens are available from Good Ground Farm;

Our products are grown in accordance with VDACS standards.

We provide healthy, fresh, delicious poultry to our community!

Our birds have constant access to fresh green grass, insects and fresh water.

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On days we don't distribute every chicken, we will have frozen birds available.  Please call or e-mail to arrange a pick up time.


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Member of the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers!  Supporter of the Botetourt Family Farms!  Visit the Botetourt Farmers Market at Ikenberry Orchards, U.S. 220 in Daleville.  Supporter of Roanoke's Grandin Village Community Market.




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